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Dining Rooms are a place where families gather to entertain and to connect over good food and healthy conversation! A Haute House Dining Room welcomes you time and time again!

Dining Room Furniture

A memorable dining experience begins with good food and friendly connection. A tasteful and elegant dining room with beautifully crafted furniture adds to the experience. With a matching set of Dining Room Chairs and/or a mix of chairs and dining benches, you can seamlessly coordinate the look of your dining area. Now add a large or medium-sized dining table and you’re sure to be setup perfectly for your entertaining needs!

Add instant charm to your dining room when you opt for a two-toned table. When contrasted with finishes like ebony and oak, your guests’ eyes will be immediately drawn to the elegance of such a table. With Upholstered Dining Room Chairs to strikingly complement the aesthetic of your Dining Table, you’ll count every meal as a celebration.

If you have a Bar Set-Up in your dining area, consider a set of bar stools with striking features such as cherry veneers and brass-finished footrests to add old world sophistication to your dining room. A collection of swivel stools is also ideal for letting your guests quickly turn to converse and socialize with the rest of the group as they wait for the meal to be served.

If you are looking for the best way to serve your guest’s dessert and after-dinner drinks, try a bar cart or tea cart to easily transport an array of dessert plates, coffee cups or teacups and saucers. A two-tiered design allows you to store an incredible amount of dishware and barware effortlessly, so you don’t have to make multiple trips to and from the kitchen.


Dining Rooms are a place to gather, entertain, and to connect over good food and conversation! No matter what style and size your dining room is, it should be a place that welcomes you, time and time again. Whether you have a small breakfast corner that is your main eating space, or a grand dining room reserved for special occasions, functionality is the one commonality that we strive for when creating a dining room design. Regardless of the Dining Room Design Style, you choose, it’s imperative that space not only speaks to them stylistically but that it works for their specific needs.

The styling options for a dining room design are endless, but understanding how you’ll use the room will help you roll out some dining room design ideas! For instance, let’s say you like to mix up cocktails, a bar cart can not only add a practical element but is a fun and stylish piece to add to a dining room! If you have a more traditional sense and need storage for dinnerware and/or a display space for a collection, a buffet or hutch is an excellent investment. After gathering dining room design inspirations and narrowing it down to style and functionality, you can move on to the fun part, designing! Arguably the most important feature of any dining room is the dining table. It is usually the largest item in the room, sometimes it is your biggest financial investment, and most of the time, it guides the style of the dining room as well.

Dining chairs are not to be overlooked either, as they can be a fun way to add color & texture to your dining room. However, consider a few key questions when deciding on anything for your dining space. For instance, how many people do you need to sit? Do young children use the area? How much maintenance will it require? When you break it down, it’s informative and fun to design a dining room! Plus, Haute House is here to help you! One of our design associates will help you solve all your queries as quickly as possible.


Dining Rooms are a place to gather, entertain, and to connect over good food and conversation! No matter what style and Our Elegant Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture Collection.

Now, whether you have a formal dining room, an elegant eat-in kitchen, or a sophisticated island with bar stools, you need the right dining furniture for your home. Regular meals and entertaining all offer a chance for you to sit down and enjoy a meal together with friends & family.

Haute House’s dining room and kitchen furniture has options for every space and size and is endlessly adaptable to your current décor and personal style. Find dining furniture from our catalog, including dining room chairs to tables that will make entertaining family and friends in your dining room, seem like a dream.

DIfferent sizes, styles & types of dining room furniture sets

When choosing your dining room furniture, it is crucial to consider the size & shape of your dining room. Putting massive amounts of heavy furniture into a small room will make it feel cramped while choosing light and airy styles can make a big room seem empty. Our extensive range of luxurious dining room sets is available in a vast selection of sizes, styles, materials, finishes, etc. Consider the overall feel of the dining room, if it is sleek & modern, choose contemporary pieces in black or metal. Rustic furniture goes well with a farmhouse design, while industrial designs add contemporary or modern chic to an older dining room.

At Haute House, we encourage you to think outside the box to find styles that fit your unique tastes. You can even mix & match for an exciting, eclectic feel. Assembling the perfect collection of dining room furniture for your home takes time and effort, but with our world class collection we can help make your dream dining room a reality in no time. Now, let’s discuss the various aspects of dining room furniture.


The dining table is the central element around which everyone gathers for family meals. The dining and kitchen room tables come in a wide variety of materials & styles, from wooden farmhouse tables to more modern glass and metal tables.

Large rooms are perfect for a round dining table, or if you prefer a rustic style, choose a sturdy farmhouse table. Drop leaf features lets you build out your dining table for larger gatherings while saving you space during the rest of the year. Smaller tables work particularly well as dining and kitchen room tables when you have limited space.

dining sets

Haute House can provide you with the perfect pairing of table & seating in a dining set. We have chairs, stools, and even benches to give you the dining furniture that sets the tone for your home. We offer pieces with modern and rustic styles. We have hundreds of dining room options to choose from; it’ll make it easy to find the one that fits you best. Our dining room sets are made from a variety of durable materials, including wood, metal, and more. Moreover, we possess fashion-forward modern dining tables with glass tabletops.


Choose a set of dining chairs from a wide variety of styles, from Accent Chairs and Parson Chairs to Side Chairs and Arm Chairs. Traditional leather chairs, and more formal upholstered chairs, are all material options that can complement a wide variety of decorating styles. You can choose from different colors and finishes to add depth and richness to your dining room chairs. So, whether you are looking for an ornately decorated chair with Old World charm or brightly colored leather dining chairs, we can provide you with a whole bunch of options that are both stylish & affordable. Try to mix and match colorful chairs and bold styles to elevate your dining room décor to a whole new level. Haute House has a large selection of dining room chairs for sale, so browse through our products to find one that suits you best. Whether you’re looking for complete dining room sets, bar sets, tables, or chairs, Haute House has what you need to create the perfect space to share meals with your friends and family.


Shelves act as a useful accent while simultaneously providing storage for your dining room. Sideboards & buffets can provide shelving, drawers, and even wine storage. Plus, they can act as a buffet table when you entertain guests.


You can easily create a home bar when you offer as many beautifully designed options as we do. We can provide you with options suitable for any size living space. We have compact bar tables with built-in storage along with bar units that include plenty of space for storing your spirits and stemware. We even have unique corner bars that can easily tuck into the corner of any room to save space. Home bar furniture, especially bar and kitchen stools, give extra seating in a small amount of space and can take advantage of a table, countertop, or breakfast bar. You should also check the height and figure out if you need a tall or a short barstool, or get an adjustable stool to fit with your dining furniture.


Consider luxury dining room furniture as an investment for your home. As has been true for centuries, the dining room is the heart of your home. Whether you want to entertain guests at a dinner party, or quietly sit down with your family to talk about the events of the day, you’ll be glad you chose dining room furniture that is comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable. Haute House has a wide selection of luxury dining room sets and other options to help you design and build your perfect dining room space. Whether your style is rustic, chic, modern, or farmhouse & classic or anywhere in between, we have what you need to create a comfortable space that fits your style and budget.

Whether you’re looking for complete dining room sets, bar sets, tables, or chairs, Haute House has what you need to create the perfect space to share meals with your friends and family.

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