You don’t just enter a room; you make an entrance.
In addition, you want your home to make a jaw-dropping first impression as well.
The exaggerated back on this Haute House Home banquette will inspire friends to start referring to your house as the “not-so-humble abode.”
"It is better to be looked over, than overlooked.” – Mae West

Haute House Home | Banquettes | Adam Banquette
Adam Banquette
Price: $5,115.00 
Haute House Home | Banquettes | Antoinette Banquette
Antoinette Banquette
Price: $6,765.00 
Balustrade Velvet Banquette
Balustrade Velvet Banquette
Price: $3,663.00 
Haute House Home | Banquettes| Bridgeport Banquette
Bridgeport Banquette
Price: $4,807.00 
Haute House Home | Banquettes | Eve Banquette
Eve Banquette
Price: $5,137.00 
Haute House Home | Banquettes | Gigi Banquette
Gigi Banquette
Price: $5,929.00 
Gigi White Vinyl Half Banquette
Gigi Half Banquette
Price: $4,664.00 
Gramercy White Vinyl Banquette
Gramercy Banquette
Price: $4,422.00 
Isabella White Vinyl Banquette
Isabella Banquette
Price: $6,127.00 
Haute House Home | Banquettes | Isabella Wing Banquette
Isabella Wing Banquette
Price: $4,081.00